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Product No : TES1 Series
Product Name : Subminiature Tact Switch SMD type (BLACK) under Foil & Key-pad

under Foil & Key-pad

meet IP67



Contact Rating :24VDC, 20mA; max. 0.5W
Contact Resistance :100mΩ max. (after life test: 200mΩ max.)
Insulation Resistance :1000MΩ min. at 100VDC
Dielectric Strength :250VAC, 50Hz for the duration of 1 minute
Operating Temperature :-40°Cto +85°C
Mechanical Life :min. 1,000,000 operations
Push Force :400gf±100gf/ 4.0N ±1.0N (after life test: 200-500gf)
Travel :0.75 ±0.25mm
Contact :Gold-plated over Nickel barrier
Terminal :Tin-plated over Nickel barrier
Dome :Gold-plated over Nickel barrier
Mounting :on pc-board
Wave Soldering :260°C 10 Sec. Max.
Reflow Soldering :260°C 30 Sec. Max.
Hand Soldering :350°C 3 Sec. Max
P/NQuantity per Tube
TE0 50
TES0 / TESM0 50
TE1 50
TES1 / TESM1 50
TE1Y 50


P/NQuantity per Reel
TES0-R / TESM0-R 1100
TES1-R / TESM1-R 1100


P/NQuantity per Bag
CAP 1000