BIWIN Technologies, targeting on building “win-win” partnership with our customers and suppliers, has been dedicated to the electromechanical switch field since our foundation in 1986. Specializing in designing and manufacturing dip switches, rotary switches, pushbutton switches, etc., we have our own brand “Sab” with the goal to be a Specialist in creating Advantages in our reliable products and services in order to bring Benefits to our worldwide customers and the industry. 

BIWIN not only offers standard switch products but also provides customized solutions with our manufacturing expertise and R&D capability. With the vertical integration we have established in our design and production processes, we are able to bring our customers the most complete and flexible solutions with the best quality, timely delivery and competitive pricing for various applications including industrial control, medical, automobile, security, communication, etc.

BIWIN continues to strive for technological innovation, ongoing improvement and higher level of customer orientation, hoping to reach product and service excellence and build up real win-win cooperation in such a rapidly changing market.

Establishment 1986 June

2011   Develope TR series 5,000,000 cycles short-travel keyswitch. 
Develope TM series 10,000,000 cycles (LED) pushbutton switch.
2010   Develope Rotary Selector Switch.
2009   Develope Slide Seclector Switch & Rotary Coded Switch.
2008   Develope TE series 1,000,000 cycles Tact Switch,.
Develope Automotive Device.
2006   Develope DMI/DMX series, SIP series. 
Extending SOJ series, DIJ series, DPJ series. 
Extending BA series.
2005   Extending BS, BP. DI series 1 position. 
Extending SOP series 1,3,5 pole. 
Extending NP series 2-12 poles.
2004   China Factory set up 18 Lines.
2003   Oct, starting production Half-Pitch DIP SW in China factory.
2003   Oct, starting production Traditional Slid type DIP SW in China factory.
2003   May, set up new factory in China.
1999   Finished Automatic Line to 16 Line.
1998   Set up BIWIN new plant in Tai-Li Industrial park.
1997   Extending Automatic Line to 12 Lines.
1996   Extending Automatic Line to 10 Lines.
1994   Enlarge Molding Shop and Extending Automatic Line to 8 Lines.
1993   Started production Half-Pitch 8 positions.
1992   Started production Piano type DIP SW.
1991   Set up Automatic production line for all products.
1990   Enlarge Factory, Developed Miniature Piano type DIP SW.
1989   Production SMT type 2,3,4,5.6,7.8,9,10.12 positions.
1988   Adding IC type series 3,6,7,9,12 positions.
1987   Production IC type 2,4,6,8,10 positions.
1986   Develope IC type DIP SW, Full automatic production line.